Where It All Began

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

The two white rhino appeared out of the thickets to our right and sauntered down to the watering hole. We had been searching for them all afternoon and you could see the relief flood through our guide and tracker. Now the sun had almost set and the light was disappearing. The rhino began quenching their thirst with huge audible gulps, clearly enjoying the refreshment after such a hot day. From the other side of the waterhole, we sat silently in the Land Rover and watched in awe. I picked up my parent's compact digital camera and snapped away. It was not the first time I had used it on our safari, but I looked at the back LCD and it was the first time I was not happy with what I saw. The pictures were too grainy or they were blurry and I came away not happy with what I had taken.

Safari guide walking
Living the dream as a safari guide

If I had known then what I know now, I would have altered the settings accordingly to achieve the results I wanted, but at twelve years old it had never occurred to me to photograph anything until that safari. It is far easier to pin down when I knew my interest in photography had started, but much less so for my love of wildlife. It has always been part of my DNA and there has never been that pin point moment.

Fast forward nine years and I had completed an English degree at university out of necessity rather than wanting, before heading off to Bushwise where my dreams of training to be a safari guide came true. After passing and becoming 'a bird specialist' - something that would have made me shudder in the months prior to my training - I was ready to begin working as a guide. Based in Balule, Greater Kruger, South Africa, I enjoyed some of most incredible sightings and experiences I could ever have wished for. Even my weeks off were spent in the National Park where I captured shots like 'Eye to Eye' and allowed me to eat, drink and breathe wildlife. I kept an account of my time there; I warn you though, it might not be as sophisticated as I intend for these blogs to be!

The current day sees me working for a small, boutique tour operator called Africa Odyssey specialising in luxury safaris. Creating content, visiting unique and incredible destinations as well as organising people's dream holidays and honeymoons is all part of the fun of everyday life now. I might not be based in the bush at the moment, but I am still managing to immerse myself in the world I love. I hope you find my adventures insightful and interesting. And remember if you would like to purchase any of the photos seen here, please visit my store or contact me directly and I will be happy to help. Thanks for looking.


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